About this website:
Specializing in heart sounds and cardiac arrhythmias, this website allows visitors
see and hear extensive digital recordings of actual patients, with high-resolution
animations, ECGs and explanatory text. Tutorials and online quiz.

About this company:
Blaufuss Medical Multimedia Laboratories is a company that develops clinical simulators for health care trainees and professionals on personal computers, networks, and the internet using actual patient data and custom animations.

About Arnold H. Blaufuss, MD:
Dr. Blaufuss trained and served on the faculty at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and was revered as a caring physician and superb teacher. When it was learned that he was terminally ill with gastric cancer, his family, patients, and colleagues made donations to the Arnold H. Blaufuss Amphitheater, under construction at the time of his death in 1991. The Blaufuss Medical Multimedia Laboratory began as an annex to the Blaufuss Amphitheater to develop innovative teaching and testing programs to exploit the excellent acoustics and audiovisual features of this premier teaching facility. Following the success of the first published program, Blaufuss Multimedia was incorporated in 1998 and the production facility was moved to San Francisco.

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